Industry Expertise

Parthenon’s investment strategy is predicated on deep industry knowledge and experience in numerous niches within the financial services, healthcare services and business services sectors.

We have decades of experience in these sectors as investors, operators and advisors.  We perform rigorous research and analysis to develop extensive networks within these industries.  This allows us to identify emerging trends and attractive niches, be more knowledgeable and nimble partners to our managers and contribute in developing strategic plans, executing consolidation strategies, recruiting executives, optimizing operations and improving competitiveness.

These industries are large and growing, comprised of hundreds of niches and highly fragmented but often trending towards consolidation.  These sectors have specialized and complex cycles, market dynamics, regulatory considerations, business models and accounting methodologies.  Because of our specialization and focus, we can quickly and efficiently understand key issues and analyze investment opportunities and risks.

Common investment themes within our targeted sectors include technology adoption and/or disruption, outsourcing, payments, data and analytics, increasing information and transparency and/or recurring revenue.