Oasis Financial Becomes Libra Solutions as Offerings Grow


Name change reflects the acquisition of new solutions in lien management technology, inheritance funding, and medical lien funding.

Rosemont, IL – Oasis Financial announced today the change of its parent company name to Libra Solutions. The change was filed on January 10, 2022, and the company formally launched the new name February 23, 2022.

“The name Oasis Financial is synonymous with pre-settlement funding, and it will remain the name of the country’s preeminent pre-settlement funding solution,” said Greg Zeeman, Chief Executive Officer of Libra Solutions. “But our recent growth and acquisitions significantly expand our ability to support current and new customers and necessitated a name change. We are much more than pre-settlement funding, and it is time for a name to match.”

The growth of the Oasis Financial portfolio began in 2017 with the acquisition of Key Health, a California-based leader in medical lien funding. In 2021, Oasis Financial acquired Probate Advance, the largest provider of inheritance funding, and that same year, Oasis Financial joined forces with MoveDocs, a Nevada-based provider of medical lien management technology. Together, the portfolio offers solutions for heirs with inheritance in probate, personal injury plaintiffs awaiting settlement, and the attorneys and healthcare providers dedicated to helping them recover.

“We chose the name, Libra Solutions, as a reflection of what we do,” said Zeeman. “Libra is Latin for ‘scales,’ as in the scales of justice. Our product portfolio helps balance the scales of justice for those involved in long, drawn out legal processes – providing financial options to help wait it out, and technology to help speed it along, so everyone has a chance for a fair outcome.”

About Libra Solutions

Libra Solutions works closely with customers and industry advisory groups with one focus – to help level the playing field in slow-moving legal processes. With origins dating back to 1996, we were founded by attorneys, healthcare providers, and innovators who saw that the legal system was not working for many. Today, our solutions have helped hundreds of thousands of clients, their attorneys, and medical providers achieve positive outcomes through funding and technology to speed and transform cumbersome processes. Libra Solutions continues to innovate, leveraging technology and financial strength to help plaintiffs, heirs, and those who serve them succeed. As of December 2021, Libra Solutions has helped over 750,000 clients, their attorneys and healthcare providers overcome slow moving legal systems. To find out more, visit

Jay Pauer, VP Marketing at Libra Solutions
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