Parthenon Capital Partners Invests to Expand Financial Advisory Firm Hanson McClain Advisors


SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Hanson McClain Advisors, an independent investment financial advisory firm, and Parthenon Capital Partners (“Parthenon”), a growth-oriented private equity firm, have announced a strategic partnership. The partnership between the two, which remains subject to standard regulatory approvals, provides an opportunity for Hanson McClain Advisors to leverage Parthenon’s resources to invest in client-centric technology, systems, and people, as well as to expand its business model in new markets.

“We are excited to partner with Parthenon to pursue our growth strategy and continue to provide unbiased, straightforward financial and retirement advice to new and existing clients,” says Scott Hanson, co-founder and senior partner at Hanson McClain Advisors.

Fueled by Parthenon’s capital investment, Hanson McClain Advisors will look to expand upon its competitive advantages by entering new markets both organically and through acquisition, while continuing to provide best-in-class service to its current clients. To ensure the company remains client-centric, company co-founders, Scott Hanson and Pat McClain, will continue to run the day-to-day operations and the company leadership team will remain unchanged.

“We are very excited to partner with the Hanson McClain team to help the company reach its potential,” says Andrew Dodson, a managing partner of Parthenon. “Hanson McClain Advisors is remarkably well positioned for expansion; they have a strong history of growth and leadership in the financial services space; and their team is poised to take the firm to new heights.”

“Providing fantastic service to our clients is our top priority. Over the past 24 years we have helped thousands of clients with their retirement planning needs,” says Pat McClain, co-founder and senior partner of Hanson McClain Advisors. “Together with Parthenon, we look forward to expanding our client-first model to serve more clients in both existing and new markets.”

Anthony Orazio, a vice president at Parthenon, added, “Our partnership with Scott and Pat represents the culmination of a longstanding Parthenon effort in the wealth management and RIA space. We look forward to working closely with the Hanson McClain team to achieve continued strong organic growth while also pursuing acquisition opportunities.”

About Hanson McClain Advisors
Hanson McClain Advisors ( is an independent investment financial advisory firm that specializes in retirement planning, investment advising, and 401(k) management with a direct approach to financial planning. Hanson McClain delivers long- and short-term investment planning solutions and advice to help clients achieve their goals and plan strategically for retirement.

About Parthenon Capital Partners
Parthenon Capital Partners ( is a leading mid-market private equity firm based in Boston and San Francisco. Parthenon utilizes niche industry expertise and a deep execution team to invest in growth companies in service industries. Parthenon seeks to be an active and aligned partner to management, either through recapitalization transactions or by backing new executives. Parthenon has particular expertise in healthcare technology and services, financial and insurance services, and business services, but seeks any service, technology or delivery business with a strong value proposition and proprietary know-how. Parthenon’s investment team has deep experience in corporate strategy, human capital, capital markets, and operations, thereby enabling the firm to pursue complex, multi-faceted value creation opportunities.