Henry Helgeson, Founder and CEO


Cayan is an industry leader in developing and delivering award-winning and innovative payment solutions to developers and ISVs. The Company’s flagship GENIUS product provides seamless and scalable omni-commerce solutions to a diverse group of customers including some of country’s most innovative and successful retailers.

“When we got to know Parthenon Capital in 2011, the business was at an inflection point.  The strategies that had led to substantial success since our founding in 1998 were not going to achieve our goals for the next chapter. We needed help prioritizing specific growth investments, refining the ultimate vision of the business and building a team capable of executing on that vision.  As a true value-added partner, Parthenon brought that assistance and more. They believed in our vision of investing in our technologies and our partners to build a leading integrated payments franchise. During our five-and-a-half-year partnership, we completed eight acquisitions and recruited key members of the senior management team while the business tripled in volume and grew integrated payments from less than 20% of volume to more than 50%.”

Parthenon’s experienced operating team, value-added capabilities, deep payment industry expertise and trusted advice was integral to growing our business.  Parthenon believed in us, our vision and played a vital role in the success of our business.