Jeff Kinell, CEO


Bracket is a leading scientifically-driven eClinical company providing an integrated suite of technology solutions that address the data collection, monitoring and trial execution needs of clinical trial sites that maximize clinical data integrity and ultimately improves outcomes of clinical trials.   At the time of Parthenon’s exit, Bracket had over 700 employees and delivered services in more than 90 countries to a diverse base of global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as contract research organizations.

Prior to Parthenon’s acquisition of Bracket in 2013, Bracket was an “orphaned” division of once-public UBC which had been acquired by Medco and subsequently by Express Scripts.  As such, Bracket had stalled from a growth and investment perspective and had an incomplete management team.

After acquiring Bracket, Parthenon recruited me as CEO and we worked together build the company.  We untangled two distinct divisions and realigned reporting relationships, made significant investments in sales, technology and product innovation, repositioned product capabilities around a unified technology story, restructured the salesforce and incentives, rolled-out advisory and scientific boards and completed two highly strategic acquisitions.  As a result, Bracket emerged as a “best-of-class” solution provider to 15 out of top 20 biopharma companies.

Parthenon’s leadership, insights and highly-engaged strategic and operational efforts at Bracket were exceptional and in large-part what attracted me to take the CEO position subsequent to Parthenon’s acquisition.  Parthenon had the resources, foresight and ability to work collaboratively with a management team that was being assembled real-time in a dynamic environment.   Parthenon was a great partner to me and to the entire Bracket organization.