Kevin Barrett, CEO


Altegra Health is a leading provider of technology-enabled, next generation payment solutions that enable health plans and other risk-bearing healthcare providers to generate, analyze and submit the data needed to ensure appropriate reimbursement under value-based and risk-adjusted reimbursement models and to successfully manage member care.  The power of Altegra Health’s advanced analytics and supporting intervention platforms enable healthcare organizations to elevate care quality, optimize financial performance and enhance the member experience.

Parthenon initially identified the need for value-based measurements, developed a broad industry vision and identified best-in-class point solutions.  Altegra Health was created through the deliberate combination of seven companies in a short period-of-time into one platform that offered health plans integrated measurement, analytical and revenue enhancement solutions.  At the time of Parthenon’s exit to a strategic acquirer, the Company had over 200 customers including 21 of the top 25 Medicare Advantage health plans and the top five managed Medicaid plans.

Parthenon was instrumental in identifying and transforming the best entrepreneur-owned point solutions into the clear market leader in a rapidly growing segment of healthcare claims.  Parthenon had the experience and resources  to  help us develop the strategic vision, execute acquisitions, help recruit more than 15 senior executives and contribute to a highly functional, cohesive go-to-market strategy under one brand, one vision.   Their ability to move quickly and efficiently to build a unique company that addresses the opportunities and challenges in a dynamic healthcare marketplace with a complicated regulatory landscape was impressive and rewarding.  It was a pleasure working with such a high quality and energetic group.